My Journey

"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful"

Discover the inspiring journey of Claudene, whose passion for hair has transformed her life and the lives of others. From her early days in London, surrounded by the vibrant world of hair and beauty, Claudene's story is a testament to her dedication and talent. Her mother, a gifted hair braider, ignited this spark, leading Claudene to follow in her footsteps.

Embarking on her professional journey at 19, Claudene honed her skills in cosmetology school, setting the foundation for her future success. By 21, she was gaining invaluable experience in a retail salon, perfecting her craft and customer service abilities. However, the demanding hours and modest pay in the salon world made her realize the need for change.

Determined to take control of her career, Claudene courageously stepped out on her own. Her drive to provide top-notch haircare experiences led her to curate the finest products for her clients, ensuring the highest quality and affordability. Her belief in the power of hair extensions to boost beauty and confidence shines through in her work, embodying the philosophy that looking good is the first step to feeling great.

Now, Claudene proudly stands as a #ladyboss, having established her own hair company, Claudene's Bella Cheveux. Her journey from a young enthusiast to a successful entrepreneur is not just about creating beautiful hair but also about empowering others to be their own kind of beautiful. Join Claudene in celebrating the beauty of individuality and confidence, brought to life through the art of hair styling.