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What Is Virgin Hair?

3 bundles of virgin body wave hair extensions
Body Wave Bundles

What is virgin hair? Virgin hair is human hair that has not been chemically processed and has been collected from a single donor. These virgin hair extensions have not been put through harsh chemicals such as perms, bleach, relaxers, dyes, or harsh chemical washes that often leave a harsh chemical odor on the hair. Therefore, virgin hair extensions are some of the most sought out and considered some of the highest quality on the market today.

Virgin hair can be more expensive and comes at a higher price tag compared to cheaper hair extensions, such as synthetic, Remy, and previously processed hair. This is because the quality of virgin hair extensions retains their natural color and sheen, and the cuticle of virgin hair is still intact. This is because the hair has not been processed with harsh chemicals, unlike cheaper hair and a wide range of other types of hair found on the hair market today. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and you, as a consumer, want your investment to go along way. Quality over quantity when shopping for premium hair extensions.

Why Purchase virgin hair extensions? There are a lot of reasons why one should invest in virgin hair extensions. When you invest in hair that has been chemically processed and treated with harsh chemicals, the hair is harder to style, maintain, and the manageability of the hair becomes increasingly difficult. Also, when buying hair already chemically treated, it may not accept color as effortlessly as virgin hair will. Also, when hair has already been chemically processed, the hair tends to weak and is easily damaged.

Therefore, you have to keep replacing them after each installation.

I have been in the hair industry and a hairstylist since 2004. Hair and making people feel “Beautiful” is my passion. My goal is allowing my clients access to affordable quality virgin that can go the distance and last from install to install.

Final Thoughts...

When purchasing hair extensions, it is truly an investment. You would look high and low for the best value in a vehicle, in a home, a vacation, and even a restaurant to make sure you were getting the best value for your money. The same goes for what you will be putting on your head. These are things you may plan to wear for a long period of time or least wear more than once or twice in your lifetime. Also, having the freedom and the option to customize your hair as you would your own. Maybe your doing something you know you wouldn't do to your own hair and your extensions give you an option to try it.

Have piece of mind that you have made the best possible decision with your money as virgin hair is the gift that keeps on giving.

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