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What Is Transparent lace?

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Transparent Lace

It's called "transparent Lace" because of its color. It has the ability to blend seamlessly with light skin.

Transparent comes in many types but you'll mostly find Swiss lace to be most popular.

Swiss Lace- Is more widely used and is popular because of its durability and softness.

The wigs caps are made from Swiss lace. Its also used in making synthetic and human hair wigs.

The holes on Swiss lace are larger. This means a less dense structure. It also makes Swiss lace slightly thinner than French lace.

The hairline on a Swiss lace wig blends easily with your hairline. The visibility of the lace is also dependent on factors like how much the lace has been ventilated with either single or double knots what type of knots and whether or not they have been bleached. Also , the use of a lace tint can greatly increase blending and reduce visibility.

French Lace- Not as popular as swiss lace because it's not as breathable or as comfortable as other types of lace.

HD Lace- HD lace is not the same as Swiss lace but is a kind of Swiss lace. HD lace is thinner, fine and more delicate than Swiss lace which makes it easier to rip when handling. It has a higher transparency than Swiss lace so it creates undetectable and natural appearance. This makes it easier to blend with dark skin better than transparent lace ,it is also more expensive.

Clear Lace- This is an upgraded version of HD lace it has all the best qualities of both HD & Swiss lace. The thing that sets it apart, is it's 100% undetectable on your skin no matter what skin tone you are..

It also durable and can hold our hair securely without excessive shedding from your wig.

Final Thoughts...

The hair industry is ever changing and with that, so are the needs of the clientele. With so many types of lace to choose from you can definitely find one to fit your needs.

If you are new to the lace world, it is definitely good to start with Swiss lace because it is stronger and more affordable than HD lace.

Many varieties can be found on Claudene's Bella Cheveux. We have 5*5 closure wigs and lace frontals 13*4 size lace.

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