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Eyelash Extensions, Synthetic Strip Lashes, Or 3D Mink Lashes

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes extensions are applied directly on top of your individual lashes using an adhesive.

( Always make sure the adhesive being used is formaldehyde free. )

Eyelash extensions should last until your natural lashes fall out taking the lash extension with it.

Unlike strip lashes, these require regular salon maintenance and can run you between $160-$550 for the initial install and $85-$300 every 2-4 weeks for a refill. All of which depends on the style of lashes you get classic or volume lashes and can take up to 2hrs for the initial install.

On the positive side, eyelash extensions stay on 24/7 and are permanent once applied to your eyes.

Although, many factors can determine the length of time that they can last. Eyelash extensions need at least 48hrs to completely dry, so you would need to avoid any water and rubbing or tugging at your eyes.

Also, excessive makeup and oils need to be avoided because these can lead to build up and bacteria that can cause the glue to breakdown and your lashes to start falling. Bacteria accumulation along the lash line can cause an infection in you eye.

When using make up always make sure to use a gentle hand when cleaning them. Special foam cleansers are sold to be lash extension friendly.

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are lashes attached to a fabric band and they are applied with a formaldehyde free glue to your eyelid right above the lash line.

Strip Lashes only take a few minutes to apply and are even easier to remove with a simple tug at the corner of the strip.

The good news about them is that they last a long time and are easier on your pocketbook in comparison to eyelash extensions. They usually run from about $4-$10 and can be worn at least 6-10 times.

3D Mink Lashes

Mink lashes have many variations on style ranging from 3D-7D, 15-30mm long. Wispy, volume etc. from natural and subtle to full fluffy and dramatic.

3D mink lashes are the most sought after and are the favorite among celebrities and makeup artists.

They are very popular because they look so natural and real mink lashes are made from real fur.

Mink lashes are handmade and have a very natural quality that can't be replicated by synthetic fibers.

Real mink lashes are usually procured from Siberian or Chinese minks. The hair is attached when the minks shed their coat.

These types of lashes tend to be superior and more comfortable than other lashes.

On the negative side, they are only also more expensive than traditional strip lashes because of all the effort and materials used to produce them.

Mink lashes are better at creating a layering effect that gives that

3D look which adds to their allure and beauty.

3D mink lashes are a premium quality. They are soft, beautiful, and last a long time. Period!

Mink lashes, unlike regular synthetic lashes can last a few years( with proper care of course).

3D mink lashes can last up to 24 wears and are more comfortable than synthetic lashes.

Unlike synthetic lash strips, mink lashes are named as such because they do not lay flat.

With that being said, mink lashes are still more budget friendly than eyelash extensions. A taste of luxury without the heavy price tag. Mink lashes will typically run you between $25-$50.

Final Thoughts...

Depending on your budget, there is something for everyone. Eyelash extensions being on the high end and strip lashes on the lower end. With 3D minks right in the middle, I feel they are a compromise between the two and offer comfort, durability and affordability at the top of the list.

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