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Claudene's Story

Be your own kind of beautiful”


      Claudene, at a young age always had an interest in hair. Growing up in a London until the age of 6, she was always surrounded by hair and beauty influences. Her mother trying to make extra money on the side, had a talent for braiding hair. She would often have friends over to the flat to get cornrows and other braiding services. It is only natural that Claudene would pick up the talent as well.

Entering cosmetology school at the age of 19, Claudene would begin her career as a cosmetologist and take the 1st steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

After graduating from cosmetology school, she began work as a new stylist at retail salon at the age of 21 to gain hands on experience and customer service skills.

After a few years of working for the company, the pressures of working many hours and having very little pay was barely enough to make ends meet, let alone save, often barely making enough to make it to the next paycheck. The time to leave familiarity and the false sense of security she had with them as she saw colleague after colleague lose their jobs some of them had worked 15-20 years plus. She got tired of doing all the work and someone else reaping all the rewards while she struggled.

A leap of faith was necessary, and it was time to step out on her own and work for herself. An opportunity to solely benefit from all the hard work she was putting and build her own empire instead of building someone else’s.

Now working for herself, she had the freedom to create her business and brand in her image instead of being confined to someone else’s and that is what she sought to do. Finding the best products she could to use on her clients and provide them the best haircare experience possible. The same quality assurance is carried through to providing great, affordable hair.

Claudene’s love of hair grew from learning new ways to use extensions to enhance one’s beauty and to build self-confidence. The saying “when you look good, you feel good”, rings true.  Her love of helping people and making people feel good about themselves is something she enjoys.

In the next step of her evolution, it was time to take another leap of faith by starting her own hair company as a natural progression to becoming a #ladyboss and creating Claudene’s Bella Cheveux

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